Overview of the Bishop, CA Workshop

A couple reads vows to each other during a styled shoot.

Photo by: Molly of Nomadic Weddings

Love on Earth Workshop | Bishop, CA 2023

Photos by Diana of Love and Latitudes + Make up artist Wild Brides Back Country

The Bishop workshop was our second workshop hosted in California and our fifth workshop in total! We had several attendees attend and it was their second or even third workshop with us! We love seeing the familiar faces come back to continue learning with us and creating beautiful images, we also love all the new faces we get to meet!

This year we had 4 styled shoots!

We held one styled shoot in Death Valley National Park exploring our own private area of the park. We also explored several other areas of the park with beautiful desert views. We had a park ranger with us during part of the shoot while we had private access and we loved it when he told us that we were the type of photographers he loved seeing in the park. He said this to us because we reached out to him and was very up front with our plans, obtained proper permits, was understanding of the limitations the park had and we were stoked to be there! We think it is so important as a photographer in this industry to be aware of the federal code for photography on public land. This is something Traci + Malachi work hard toward protecting our rights to work on public land and educate photographer through Public Land Creatives. Check it out, we highly recommend becoming a member. To end this styled shoot the couple shared a private first dance with headphones since the park doesn’t allow amplified music. Part of the styled shoots at the workshop are to help you photograph things that may help in educating your eloping clients.

Photos by Molly of Nomadic Weddings

The second styled shoot was at sunrise in Alabama Hills. We had two sets of models for this shoot to assist with breaking up the group. One couple shared vows and did some rock climbing and the other couple posed for portraits and brought their dog. This way the attendees could split into two groups making it easier on the couple climbing and for the attendees to get more unique shots. Alpineglow at this location was stunning!! We love including activities in our styled shoots to help the attendees with getting to photograph something new and possibly up-selling their packages later by showing what is possible to do on your elopement day. It is also important to us to offer styled shoots that show diversity.

photos by Aimee of Aimee Flynn Photo and Sharlee of Unleashed Elopements

Our final styled shoot was back in Bishop where the couple shared a picnic, each photographer attending the workshop got one on one time for portraits and we ended the evening with star photos and night photos in the natural hot springs near by! We love giving attendees the time and space to learn a new skill like shooting in really low light situations and learning star photography with couples. It was the perfect end to all of the styled shoots we had!

Photos by Traci of Adventure and Vow (Instructor)

The Love on Earth Workshop is not just about styled shoots, we strongly believe it is best for photographers to attend workshops to gain the knowledge they need to create their own styled shoots after leaving to market with unique content. We hope our styled shoots inspire them, give them time and space to play and create, but to learn and do on their own after. We also have photographers that attend who have never photographed or helped in planning an elopement wedding! These styled shoots are a great way to gain a perspective on things you need to think about during an elopement day and in planning. For example, there was road construction going on in Death Valley so we were all running late back to dinner. Another example is that we worked in locations without any cell service and were meeting up with folks in the dark, this is a great way to just get on hand experience.

The Love on Earth Workshop is all about education, helping you improve your workflows, website, social media presence and mental health. We do this by offering education from 3 full time elopement photographers:

  • Traci with Adventure and Vow taught at this workshop all about social media, work flows, how to get reviews, planning and more.
  • Aimee with Aimee Flynn Photo taught on mental health and running a business, all things like ADHD, comparison, work life balance and more.
  • Malachi of Shell Creek Photo taught on SEO and offered website audits.

At this workshop, we did our education a little differently than how we did in the past to best serve the attendees and give them more space to feel safe in asking any questions they may want to. We broke everyone into small break-out groups with 2-4 people and they got to pick which classes to attendee that were narrowed down under the umbrella of what each instructor was teaching on. We loved offering education this way rather than our classes we typically stand at the front and teach. We still gave the classes to the attendees, but this allowed them to dig deeper into what we were teaching and get more specific to their needs!

A photographer takes a photo of a couple during a styled shoot.

While we offer a lot of education and there is a lot of content creation at our workshops, we also encourage the attendees to hang out with each other, build connections, and make friends. Being an elopement photographer can sometimes be lonely. The three of us educators all met because of a workshop we attended when starting out and since have become family. That may not happen for everyone, but coming into a space with fellow folks in your community is a great way to make friends, network, and learn even from just each other.

This was workshop was so much fun as several of the attendees were getting to hangout again having gone to the same previous workshops we had hosted. Some of the attendees even traveled together down to Bishop make a fun road trip out of it! Then there was also several new friendships made!

Attending a workshop is so powerful for your business and as a business owner. You get to connect with new vendors, meet fellow photographers, de-bunk, brainstorm, and get new content going into what is usually a slow season. It is a great space for learning, growing and flourishing!

A group photo of all the educators and attendees.

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