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All of us here at the Love on Earth Workshop are invested in helping you reach your goals for your business & your life

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We’re Each Excited to Be Offering 1-on-1 Mentoring for Photographers!

Maximize the growth of your photography business with personalized one-on-one mentoring! Whether you have previously attended a workshop or are brand new to the scene, working directly with a seasoned elopement photographer will help you tackle specific goals and achieve big results. Unlock your full potential and take your business to the next level with focused and customized mentoring sessions.

Mentoring With Us

Why Choose Us?

Leveling Up Your Client Experience

Traci is here to help fellow elopement photographers improve their client experience and unlock a successful career through doing so. She can cover topics such as creating helpful elopement workflow for clients, how to get those raving five-star reviews, and the day-of elopement experience for couples, drawing on her own experience as a photographer with over 100 five-star reviews.

SEO Expert & Using Your Website to Convert

Malachi offers website and SEO mentoring sessions where clients can discuss any aspect of their website, including SEO, increasing conversions, how to lay out pricing, and accessibility. The strategies talked about can be tailored to wherever you are at in your website journey, whether you have an existing site that needs a lot of work or just have an idea for your website in your mind.

Former Therapist Helping with a Healthy Mindset

Aimée, a licensed therapist with over 10 years of experience, is eager to work with you to help you handle the emotional and professional challenges of running a successful photography business. She will provide strategies to manage the overwhelm, set achievable goals, and improve your social media skills, drawing on her expertise in both therapy and photography.

“With four years as an elopement photographer and over 100 long and heartfelt five star Google reviews, client experience is the leading decision maker with all facets of our workflow. Assuring our couples can both experience and feel this from the first call fuels our business and provides the satisfaction of connecting with our couples and knowing they are happy they chose to invest in us. Your client experience is one of the major keys to unlocking a long-lasting career as an elopement photographer. A crucial element that impacts your client experience is your business workflow. How the back end of your business is set up greatly affects your life as a business owner, your client’s experience working with you, and the couple’s final impression after the images are delivered. Securing a seamless workflow from the first call until the glowing review not only grants everyone involved an unforgettable experience on the day of, but the trust of future couples to invest in your brand. 

I am available for one on one hourly mentoring to coach on:

  • Workflow from before the inquiry all the way to after the galley is delivered
  • How to get those 5+ star gushing google reviews 
  • Day of an Elopement experience 

Many successful businesses invest in coaching. We invest in coaching with several different mentors! Coaching is super valuable to your business because basically, you are masterminding outside on yourself to level up your business with someone experienced who is putting your goals at the forefront.” –Traci

“Unlock the power of your website with personalized mentoring! Are you tired of trying to navigate the complex world of SEO and website design alone? Let me be your guide! From the very beginning of my photography business, I began learning SEO and websites along with my photography. SEO courses can be incredibly helpful but sometimes one-on-one help with your website and seeing real-life examples on your own site can be more helpful for some people. These mentor sessions with me can cover anything you want to talk about on your website! SEO, increasing conversions, making your site more accessible, etc. You can also add me to your Google Search Console so I can take a deeper look at your website and give you even more personalized advice.

Why work with me for your website? Last I checked, according to cold hard data from Search Console, I have pages ranking for over 400 keywords, I get over 2,300 clicks to my website every month from Google alone (not counting things like Pinterest or social media). I have even helped Aimée and Traci with both of their websites and SEO.

What can we talk about?

  • Website Structure
  • Keyword Research
  • Blogging Ideas
  • Google Search Console
  • Increasing Conversions
  • Mistakes You Might Be Making
  • Cornerstone Content

I want to explain SEO in a personal and easy to understand way. It doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think to get started! Or do you already know the basics? Well then let’s dig deeper! Geeking out about websites, SEO, and improving content accessibility and conversions is just such a fun topic for me and I’d love to help you improve your website!” –Malachi

“Eeee, hi friends! I’m so glad you’re here 🙂 The fact you’re even here says loads about you- that you care about your business, you want it to grow and flourish, and you’re ready to put in the work. Right on. 

Also- thank you. There are a gazillion resources out there for newbie and seasoned photogs (presets, courses, templates, guides, anything and everything to help you become your best photog self) so I am *honored* you found your way to this little corner of the internet. 

My name is Aimée and I am so stoked to work with you. I remember all too well being in your shoes and how overwhelming running a successful photog business can be. Some days you feel on top of the world- some days you feel completely lost and stuck and (good news!) that’s all pretty normal. But even if it’s normal… it’s still tough to navigate. And while there are countless templates out there to refine your business workflow… there’s not a ton to help you handle the emotional ups and downs of running a business. 

Here’s where I come in. Drawing on my 10+ years of being a licensed therapist, I want to help you develop strategies to manage the overwhelm of this job and set achievable, concrete goals that are specific to your business and your hopes and dreams. We’ll talk about where your business is, where you want it to be, and how you can help yourself get there. 

I’m also happy to hone in on Instagram- the main imposter monster we all want to slay. You’ll walk away with skills to tackle social media and handle business curveballs like a pro. I can’t wait to chat with you :)” –Aimée

How We Help

Booking a Mentor Session

Let’s Learn!

As photographers, running a successful business can be challenging, both emotionally and professionally. With Traci, Aimée, and Malachi’s expertise, photographers can elevate their careers by improving their client experience, SEO, website, and handling the stress that comes with running a business.

By booking mentoring sessions with us, photographers can achieve their goals and take their careers to the next level.

What else can I learn about?

We can each talk about photography techniques and styles, how we approach sales calls, as well as other topics.

How does it work?

Reach out via the contact form and then one of us will be in touch. We schedule these mentor sessions over Zoom.

What’s the price?

The cost for any of us is $300 for up to an hour mentor session. You will be invoiced by us individually (not the workshop).

Mentoring for Photographers

We each offer mentoring sessions in our areas of expertise. However, if there’s something else you want to talk about with one of us, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Testimonials & Reviews

I learned SO MUCH useful info about SEO and I’m excited to get to work on my website!  I would highly recommend the SEO workshop to ANY photographer.
Getting to meet other awesome photographers who were eager to learn from each other as well as from the classes was the best part to me. Traci did an AMAZING job with the styled shoots, I am so excited about the images.
Traci, Malachi, Aimee, and Bill could not have been more welcoming and thoughtful.

Want to Mentor With Us?

We want to help! Reach out to us to get started.