Reviews of the Love on Earth Workshop

Providing education + building a community

The Love on Earth Workshop was an amazing experience for me. Being this was my first workshop, I had no idea really what to expect. As a bit of an introvert, I can get nervous around a group of people I do not know, but this group was amazing and very welcoming! Getting to meet other awesome photographers who were eager to learn from each other as well as from the classes was the best part to me. Traci did an AMAZING job with the styled shoots, I am so excited about the images I was able to get for my portfolio. Malachi explained SEO in a way I could finally understand and make the necessary changes to my business to get myself out in front of my ideal clients.  Very much worth the investment, this Workshop is an experience you will not regret! 

The Love on Earth Workshop was an incredible experience from start to finish. Not only were Traci and Malachai friendly and knowledgeable, but they put together a jam-packed few days of information and shoots. I came away from the workshop with new skills, information, and motivation to continue to grow my business into what I dream it can be. 

It was absolutely fantastic!  I had a great time, met some great people, learned SO MUCH useful info about SEO and I’m excited to get to work on my website!  I would highly recommend the SEO workshop to ANY photographer and the styled shoots were beautiful and well planned and could be used in a portfolio for even just a regular ol’ wedding photographer like me, who wants to sometimes do some traveling and elopement photography.  I feel like any photographer could benefit from this workshop, not just an elopement photographer.  I enjoyed the whole workshop and felt that it was definitely worth the investment.  Plus, I basically got a 2 day vacay.  5 out of 5 starts – EXCELLENT!

Loved this workshop and everyone involved, It was well organized, a fun adventure and extremely educational. I am walking away with a lot of things I will be implementing into my business, a bunch of photos to create content and new friends in the industry who I’m already scheduling meet ups with. I know the educators will be there for me and my business- they truly are invested in everyone who attended and willing to share their knowledge. I got to ask questions specific to my business during breaks and they are topics I had been stewing on for months! The styled elopements were beautiful with high end products, couples who enjoyed being there and beautiful locations you would actually take a couple to elope at. I only wish this workshop could have gone on longer because it was SO MUCH FUN! However, I’m happy it’s over so I can start improving my business! 

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