FAQs About the Workshop

Here at the Love on Earth Workshop, we want it to be more than just a few styled shoots sprinkled in with some education. We know how disappointing it can be to invest in a workshop that doesn’t deliver. That’s why we want to give you a ton of value, education with “no fluff”, and high end styled shoots in beautiful locations.

“How will you be opening sales of workshop tickets?”

We have a full email list of people who are waiting for us to open sales to our next workshop. Everyone on that list will be granted 24 hour access to purchase the tickets privately. After that release, it will be first come, first served. We will announce ticket availability live on Instagram and you will see it available on our book your ticket page. If you miss out, we will keep a waiting list in case anyone cancels. Email us if you want to be on that list and we will notify people on that list if there are any cancellations. Tickets can be paid in full or on a 50/50 payment plan.

“What is included with the workshop?”

With the Love on Earth Workshop, we not only include high end styled elopement shoots and valuable education for photographers wanting to get into more elopements, but we also include all food and lodging in with the workshop price.

“What kind of food will be provided?”

Since our workshops will be at locations that are a little more remote & we will have a schedule that can be affected by sunrise and sunset, we will be providing home cooked meals. No, we’re not just going to feed you cheese and crackers! We will be providing full meals of real, great tasting food!

“Can you accommodate special dietary needs?”

Of course! If you have a restrictive diet, certain food allergies, or are vegan or vegetarian, can’t have dairy, or if there’s anything else we should be aware of, please let us know and we will be sure to take everything into account while planning out the meals for our workshop!

“If I stay somewhere else, can I get a discount?”

We encourage attendees to stay at the house as it is important to not just attend classes + shoots but also dinners and down town from Q+A and community building. However, for our upcoming workshop we may offer 1 spot up for someone not staying at the house that maybe wants to camp nearby. A couple of the instructors will be staying at the camping areas within Alabama Hills. As far as a discount, we could offer a $300 discount on the ticket since you wouldn’t be taking up a bed. If you plan to book this way please email traci@adventureandvow.com or through the website here directly.

How do we get to the styled shoots?

We like to take as little cars as possible. In the past attendees have carpooled together and some have ridden with us. We encourage all the attendees to carpool together for shoots for more bonding time.

I plan to come with my partner/business partner. Are their tickets for two people available?

YES! At our upcoming workshop was have two “couples” tickets available. This is a ticket for 2 people to attend the workshop that must stay in one room, in one bed or stay elsewhere. This ticket has been discounted to $5000 rather than the cost of two tickets which would be $6400. Each person receives all of the same things if they were attending individually, just must share a bed.

“How much hiking will be required and how adventurous do we have to be?”

We know not everyone can do the same amount of hiking. Some hiking may be required but we try to keep the hikes relatively short and easy to access. Everyone has a different idea for an easy hike though, and some hikes may be close to ledges or have more elevation gain. We also will have some sunrise shoots and you’ll want to wake up early if you don’t want to miss out!

“What should I bring with me to the photography workshop?”

You’ll of course want to bring your camera gear, whatever you would bring to an elopement. Other things you should definitely bring include a water bottle, good hiking shoes, and appropriate clothing. You may also want to bring a notebook and your laptop. We will be in a desert climate so maybe lotion and chap stick.

“What are your policies for the workshop?”

All the fees for the workshop are non-refundable. We realize that there are various reasons you may need to cancel. In a case like this, you can transfer your workshop ticket to someone else. If you let us know we may have a waiting list or can help you sell it, there are no guarantees that we will be able to sell it for you though. At our workshops, we also strictly follow the principles of leave no trace, and the proper permits are always pulled for every workshop.