2024 Love on Earth Workshop Announcement

Olympic National Park elopement on the beach.

We are excited to announce the 2024 Love on Earth Workshop!

****DRUM ROLL**** We will be in……

Olympic National Park

Washington state

November 1-4th.

The Education

Hi, welcome!!! We are Traci + Bill (with Adventure and Vow), Malachi (with Shell Creek Photo) and Aimee (with Aimee Flynn Photo). All three of us met through a workshop back in 2019. Since then we have grown our businesses to consistent 6 figure margins, traveled all over the Western US for epic elopements and grown a friendship that feels like family. Why does this matter? Because we have been in your shoes – trying to find a community in what can be a lonely work place and get our businesses off the ground and successfully running. We built this workshop to teach you to get started or to the next level, to sustain your business, to successfully market your business and to provide a space to be creative and build a community.

We run our education a little differently than most workshops. We think group learning is great, but we want to dive deeper than that. Our workshop education is more like one-on-one mentoring mixed with a traditional workshop style. You will get small intimate group settings with instructors, the whole group setting, and one-on-one time.

What will you learn at our workshop?

Traci Edwards (Adventure and Vow) – Traci and her husband Bill are an elopement photography team based in Washington. She started her business in 2018 after working with the official PGA photographer for three years and falling in love with the outdoor adventures in the Western part of the US. She started her elopement business from scratch after coming from the golf industry, quickly learning the best way to build a portfolio was to create her own styled shoots that were unique and spoke directly to her couples. After growing a six figure business and starting to get her ideal couples she learned quickly the key to a successful long term business in this industry is creating a top notch client experience resulting in 5 star reviews and referrals. Now Adventure and Vow has 135+ 5 star Google Reviews which helps them gain the trust of future couples.

Traci also dedicated 2.5 years striving to obtain the Range Finder Rising 30 Stars award. Through the process of curating her work in submitting the contest, she learned a lot about what makes good, strong images and overall portfolios. From doing portfolio reviews with folks who have been in the judging space for 30+ years to reviewing her own work endlessly she loves critiquing and analyzing images to help photographers see where they can improve. She will be teaching on the following subjects:

  • How to plan your own styled shoots that result in new business
  • How to structure your business from first touch to final touch with a client
  • How to prepare for an elopement, the big day!
  • How to get 5 star reviews
  • Portfolio Reviews
A couple watches sunrise from their canoe.

Malachi Lewis (Shell Creek Photography) – Malachi is an adventurous elopement photographer based on the western slope of Colorado who helps couples plan elopements in remote parts of Utah, Colorado, and other amazing in the western United States. He moved from Nebraska to Colorado in 2018 to specialize more in elopements and to be closer to the mountains, deserts, and other outdoor places he loves. He was able to scale his business by using various SEO methods to bring in leads and build authority locally and in destinations. Currently, Malachi is ranking on page 1 for over 400+ keywords!!!! He will be teaching:

  • What is SEO and how to get started
  • Why you shouldn’t be focusing too much on images and why you should start focusing more on content
  • How to rank your most important website pages on Google
  • On page versus off page SEO strategies
  • The best methods for writing informational blog posts that get you elopement bookings
A couple walks through a forest on their elopement day.
Washington forest elopement by Malachi

Aimée (Aimée Flynn Photography– Aimée is an elopement photographer based out of Flagstaff- but splits her time between Arizona and Utah (among other amazing places in the west!) She moved from Chicago to AZ in 2018 after pining for the desert for many years. In the fall of 2019 she dove into her photography business with elopements as her niche- and has never looked back. Recently, Aimee has been named Range Finders Top 30 Rising Stars in the wedding industry and won awards by June Bug Weddings. Before Aimée was an elopement photographer she was a therapist for 10 years. The skills she learned as a therapist have been key in being a successful business owner and keeping (and prioritizing!) a healthy mindset. She will be teaching:

  • Tips to help manage the stress of busy season and the lull of a booking drought
  • Strategies to stop the comparison doom
  • Steps to set boundaries with your clients and yourselves
  • How to move away from burnout and towards the illusive work/life balance
A bride laughs during her elopement ceremony in the mountains.

Together we are also available to share what is in our bags for an elopement day, information on Leave No Trace, and Permits (Malachi + Traci are on the board of Public Land Creatives.)

“The Love on Earth Workshop was an amazing experience for me. Being this was my first workshop, I had no idea really what to expect. As a bit of an introvert, I can get nervous around a group of people I do not know, but this group was amazing and very welcoming! Getting to meet other awesome photographers who were eager to learn from each other as well as from the classes was the best part to me. Traci did an AMAZING job with the styled shoots, I am so excited about the images I was able to get for my portfolio. Malachi explained SEO in a way I could finally understand and make the necessary changes to my business to get myself out in front of my ideal clients.  Very much worth the investment, this Workshop is an experience you will not regret! “ – 2021 Past Love on Earth Workshop Attendee

The Current Timeline for the event

We are happy to share the event’s plan with you so you have a good idea of what the workshop will be like! However, keep in mind as we get closer we finalize plans and email them to the attendees. Plans/timing may shift slightly as we book our vendors, models, and so on.

November 1st

  • Check in after 5pm. Optional dinner in Port Angeles at 6:30pm.

November 2nd

  • Full-day adventure elopement (sunrise to sunset) – The current layout for the shoot will cover getting ready photos, first look, writing vows, picnic lunch, visiting the lake, mountains, and beaches, and dinner. Activities we are currently considering including the adventure aspect are hiking, camping, canoeing, and more.
  • Elopement vendors that will possibly be included: hair and makeup, chef, florist
  • All meals are included this day.

November 3rd

  • Education by Traci, Aimee and Malachi in small groups of 3. As well as over all education with the entire group with all three instructors.
  • All meals except for dinner is included this day.

November 4th

  • Morning Q+A with instructors
  • Check out by noon.
  • Breakfast is provided this day

The Tickets:

  • There will only be 9 tickets available for this year’s workshop. We like to keep our workshops small so it is easier to get the images you want during the styled shoots and so we can spend time getting to know you and your business and help the best we can! We believe smaller workshops create the best environment for learning, building bonds with the other people there, and the best outcome for creativity. Currently, there are only 6 remaining tickets available, including the “couples” ticket!
  • The tickets will be $2800 – Your ticket includes your stay, all your breakfasts + lunches, education and a full day styled shoot. If you would like to attend with your partner/a close friend + will be sharing a bed with each other we have up to 2 “couples” tickets available for $5000 which gives you a $600 discount. In total, only 9 attendees will be allowed at the event.
  • To purchase a ticket you fill out the form on our site and then Traci will email you (from traci@adventureandvow.com) the contract and invoice. Once you have signed and paid your seat will be reserved! We hold your ticket for up to 24 hours after contract has been sent, if it is not signed within 24 hours your ticket is released.
  • Tickets are non-refundable. If you can not attend the workshop anymore after purchasing you can sell it to another photographer and they can take your place at the workshop. Please just communicate this with us beforehand and connect us to the new attendee!

The only other thing you need to plan for other than your ticket cost is how you plan to get to the Airbnb we will all be staying at. This may mean a flight and rental car. The closest airport is SEA TAC followed by Portland. In the past attendees have shared a rental car. We connect everyone in a Facebook Group once they purchase their ticket so you immediately have access to meet everyone, start chatting about business, education, goals, etc! You also have the option to take a ferry into Port Angeles depending on where you are coming from.

There are a couple of dinners not included in your ticket cost, see schedule above.

“One of the BEST decisions I have ever made! Before this workshop, everything I had learned about photography was all online. I had never attended a workshop, never met with other photographers, and had only just started to think about turning my passion for photography into a business. I was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect—and all of that went away by day one. Traci, Malachi, Aimee, and Bill could not have been more welcoming and thoughtful. They incorporated so much into this workshop and structured our days very well. The styled shoots were so beautifully done, even when the weather took a turn. Everyone, including the other attendees, vendors, and models were amazing and loved being there. Still to this day, both our hosts and other attendees continue to be supportive of each other’s businesses. This workshop is worth every penny. I promise you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!”

– 2022 Workshop Attendee

Adventure and Vow | Olympic National Park

About Olympic National Park:

Olympic National Park is one of the most diverse National Parks in the United States. All three of us photograph elopements here and Malachi is getting married here this year! The second workshop we ever hosted was actually in Olympic National Park! We had so much fun we decided it was time to come back.

Weather: Temperatures will be in the low 50s during the day and mid-40s in the evening. We could experience snow on the top of the mountain and we could experience rain in the forests, beaches and by the lakes.

The area is famous for its film: Twilight Saga

The closest town is Port Angeles, the stay is very close to town which has shops, groceries, gas and restaurants.

The drive from the closest airport is 2 hours and 30 minutes which is SeaTac in Tacoma, WA.

The Stay

We will be staying close to the Olympic National Park in Port Angeles. Everyone will be staying together in the home. You may be sharing a room with another attendee, but everyone will have their own beds. The home will have a full bathroom, 8 acres of land, full kitchen, wifi, fire place inside and outside and a hot tub.

We ask that everyone attending the workshop stay at home as a part of community building rather booking your own stay.

So will we see you there!?

We hope to see you this November in Olympic National Park!!! If you have any questions about the workshop or the area in general we are always happy to answer them! You can connect with us via email or in our DMs on our Instagram page.

November is the start of off-season/computer season for most elopement photographers. This time is precious for getting prepped for the upcoming season and to make sure you are ready for booking season. We love hosting in November as a time for photographers to de-brief from the year they just had and really gauge what they need to work on during this off-season. It is a time of reflection + perfecting for moving forward. So join us in November to reset, reflect, and refine your skills, ensuring you’re primed and polished for the bustling booking season ahead!

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