Elopement Photography Workshop

Elopements are here to stay & they are only becoming more popular with time! Are you a photographer looking to book more elopements? You’re going to love the Love on Earth Workshop!

The Love on Earth Workshop for Elopement Photographers

If you are in the photography industry you have seen elopements becoming more and more popular over the years and for good reason. The elopement experience is incredible! If you are looking to bridge over into the elopement world this workshop is made for you! Here at Love on Earth we have a team of full time elopement photographers ready to show you how to build an elopement portfolio and build a platform to start booking eloping couples.

Elopements come in all forms from downtown city views, to high up mountain tops and everything in between. Here we want you to become the elopement photographer you want to be by learning to speak directly to the couples you wish to attract and capture their love stories.

The Basic Details…

What You’ll Learn at the Workshop…

Build a community

We get it. Working as a small business owner can be lonely. At the workshop we hang out together and you’ll be able to network and build a community with other like minded photographers. 

Take awesome photos

At our photography workshop, you’ll get the opportunity to take amazing photos in beautiful landscapes. We also like to set aside time to exchange headshot adventure sessions. 

Learn from professionals

At our photography workshop, we will have multiple professionals talking on a variety of subjects. With the education we offer, you are able to level up your business and book more elopements.

Have fun!

Sometimes just hanging out with each other and going on hikes together can be one of the best parts. We’ll be staying together at one location, so there’ll be lots of time for getting to know each other.

What Previous Attendees Have to Say

At the Love on Earth Workshop, it’s more than just a few styled shoots. We want you you to walk away with an amazing education with information that you can start implementing right away + build a community with other photographers!

Build a community and mastermind with us!

You’ll not only gain a great education to get you started in elopements, but you’ll also be able to make friends with other like minded photographers!


The Love on Earth Workshop was an amazing experience for me. Being this was my first workshop, I had no idea really what to expect. As a bit of an introvert, I can get nervous around a group of people I do not know, but this group was amazing and very welcoming! Getting to meet other awesome photographers who were eager to learn from each other as well as from the classes was the best part to me. Traci did an AMAZING job with the styled shoots, I am so excited about the images I was able to get for my portfolio. Malachi explained SEO in a way I could finally understand and make the necessary changes to my business to get myself out in front of my ideal clients.  Very much worth the investment, this Workshop is an experience you will not regret! ” 

We’ll see you soon!