Overview of the 2022 Joshua Tree Workshop

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A review of the 2022 Joshua Tree Workshop!

The workshop was held over three days and two nights! We has a couple of folks come from past workshops and plenty of new faces too! This was Aimee’s first workshop with the team and it went was the perfect add on to the education we share at our workshops. On day two of the workshop we had the wildest weather, I think we say at least 9 rainbow! Wild weather brought in so much and unique experience for practicing photographing a couple in these situations. Here are some of the things a couple of the attendees had to say about the workshop!

One of the BEST decisons I have ever made! Before this workshop, everything I had learned about photography was all online. I had never attended a workshop, never met with other photographers, and had only just started to think about turning my passion for photography into a business. I was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect—and all of that went away by day one. Traci, Malachi, Aimee, and Bill could not have been more welcoming and thoughtful. They incorporated so much into this workshop and structured our days very well. The styled shoots were so beautifully done, even when the weather took a turn. Everyone, including the other attendees, vendors, and models were amazing and loved being there. Still to this day, both our hosts and other attendees continue to be supportive of each other’s businesses. This workshop is worth every penny. I promise you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

On day one I wasn’t sure about adventure elopements at all. I thought to myself, oh boy, what did I get myself into. However, on day two the tables had turned and felt completely inspired! Just because one photographer does one thing doesn’t mean that I have to do the same. You can create your own style while still learning greatness from others. I am still on a high from that weekend as I learned so much, made great friends and it simply felt awesome to connect with like-minded photographers! I would love to do another workshop with you again and I know I see it often but that weekend completely filled my soul! Thank you again!

Meet the team…..

You know myself (Traci), Malachi and Bill as the faces behind Love on Earth workshop. We are dedicated to educating elopement photographers in helping them rank on Google, learn LNT, build portfolios that speak to their brand, build community and more! We are excited to be back here with you all in growth, creative and connection! This year we also decided to bring in another educator, hand selected based on authenticity, her business and her knowledge in psychology!!

New Education…

Aimée is an elopement photographer based out of Phoenix- but splits her time between Arizona and Utah (among other amazing places in the west!) She moved from Chicago to AZ in 2018 after pining for the desert for several years. In the fall of 2019 she dove into her photography business with elopements as her niche- and has never looked back. Before Aimée was an elopement photographer she was a therapist for 10 years. The skills she learned as a therapist have been key in being a successful business owner and keeping (and prioritizing!) a healthy mindset. She taught:

– Tips to help manage the stress of busy season and the lull of a booking drought

– Strategies to stop the comparison doom

-Steps to set boundaries with your clients and yourselves

– How to move away from burnout and towards the illusive work/life balance

We stayed in an awesome Airbnb perfect for learning and relaxation. Per all of our workshops the stay, meals, styled shoots and education are included in the tickets. For this workshop we had 3 live classes with lots of open time for Q + A with each instructor, head shots of attendees, 2-3 adventure based styled shoots that tell a story you can use for blogging, social media, branding and more. We like to keep our workshops intimate so everyone gets time one on one with the couples and instructors.

We also gave away one mentorship via a drawing at the end of the workshop! We also did a dress giveaway so attendees could plan their own styled shoot!

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