About the Photography Workshop in the Pacific Northwest


Our elopement photography workshop this summer is going to be in Port Angeles, Washington in August 2021! Port Angeles is in the very northwest part of Washington State. It is close to Olympic National Park and this area has so much diversity. You can go to the coast, temperate rain forests, and the Washington coast.

Our Pacific Northwest workshop will be a much smaller workshop with only 5 attendees. That means you get more time with the models on shoots and more time to spend one on one with us as your instructors!

Traci Edwards

I live in a van and spend winters in the desert and summers in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

The Pacific Northwest has a lot of diversity and is famous for its rainforests, waterfalls, and beautiful coasts. Summer is one of the best times to visit the PNW for the best weather and access to the beautiful mountains.

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Quick facts about Washington…

• Olympic National Park has 4 distinct environments, there are the rugged coasts, alpine areas, the rainforests in the west side, and the drier forests of the east side

• Due to weather moderating from the Pacific Ocean, Port Angeles has mild weather with cool summers and mild winters

• While the rainforest of Olympic National Park can get up to 170 inches of rain per year, Port Angeles usually gets around 25 inches per year

• Summer is one of the best seasons to visit the Pacific Northwest. The spring rains have made the vegetation lush, all the snow has had more time to melt in the alpine areas, and there is less rain and more clear days later in summer.

Where We’ll Be Staying in Washington

We will be staying in an AirBnB just outside of Port Angeles, Washington close to the ocean. It has lots of space, wide open outdoor areas, and is close to Olympic National Park. It has 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms with the capabilities of being an open area indoor/outdoor living space and has a hot tub. It is also close to some hiking areas and the Washington coast.

Closest Airports: William R. Fairchild International Airport or Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Basic Timeline and Check-in Times

* A more detailed timeline and more information and specific locations will be provided after booking

August 5th

• Check in at 10:00am on August 5th, 2021 with announcements and intros to follow

• Classes with Traci and then lunch

• Styled elopement shoot in home and on the beach at sunset with dinner afterwards

August 6th

• Sunrise styled shoot with the same couple, so you can market towards 2 day elopements + headshots of each other

• Class with Malachi on marketing and SEO, you’ll also be provided with a take-home packet for Pinterest marketing

• Early lunch and check out around 1pm

We can’t wait to see you at our Pacific Northwest workshop. Be sure to reserve your ticket and we’ll see you there! You are definitely welcome to extend your stay and we are happy to provide input on where to stay, things to do, and places to visit!

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